Call of Cthulhu

The Hooverville Incident
A time to get started

Ganger and Grizzy were hiding out in a Hooverville on the outskirts of Chicago, where they encountered a suspicious young man carrying a satchel. Upon seeing them, the young man moved cautiously away and ran into a young lady, a local Pilot named Charlotte, on her way to pick up her aircraft. He pulled a knife, scared witless. A Parapsychologist named Clara had heard there had been recent bizarre sightings of a stranger in the Hooverville, and on her way there stumbled across the three strangers accosted by the young man. Also on his way to do a delivery of goods and foods to the residents of the Hooverville was the local Clergyman Father Delaney. The group converges on the young man, who is panicked and fearful, but not without reason. 

A wave of nausea overtakes most of the group and they turn to see a man of Egyptian descent in a grey suit and yellow tie staring at the, grinning from ear to ear. The young man flees, followed closely by the rest of the group with the exception of Ganger, who is drawn to the symbol on the man's tie, a mark he'd seen long ago. The Egyptian floats toward him, his skin pulsing and his smile extending impossibly wide. He whispers, "I found you," in his ear before throwing him several feet effortlessly. Behind him, the Hooverville erupts into flames and screams pierce the air. Ganger flees and catches up to the group. 

The group hides in an alleyway, trying to come to terms with what they just saw. They are discovered by Chicago's finest, who question them briefly. They are able to dissuade the police from further investigation, who opt to move toward the Hooverville. Father Delaney suggests a drink to take the edge off, and they head to a nearby speakeasy. 

The group then officially introduce themselves over a round (or four) of Whiskey while smooth jazz calms their nerves. A sudden set of muffled screams and a horrific roar in the room above silences the group. Each member prepares in their own way to defend against this new threat as it bursts through the door. A massive creature with a dog-like face and long claws, a head and shoulders taller than anyone present. The group defeats it with minimal damage, and under close inspection find it's some unholy combination of flesh, burlap and bright, multicoloured paint. It also has a set of Hebrew letters engraved on the forehead, but none in the group can read what it says.

More police arrive, and the group flees the scene. They uncover a trail of paint-blood and burlap-flesh, leading back to a large Manor. Clara knows this house, rumors fly around it, the home a a recently vanished artist named Pickman. As they stand before it, the young man they encountered earlier emerges from the house, grievously wounded. He collapses and points inside, whispering in Ganger's ear, "I left it… they have it… it's in… there…", before losing consciousness. His satchel is missing. 

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